Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay a sales tax? No. All of our 3 locations are outside of any sales tax areas.
2. Do you offer a military discount?  We are proud to offer a military discount of $50/trailer and 5% off all parts and service to active duty, retired and reserve military members and their spouses.
3. What type of payments are accepted?  We accept cash, credit, debit, cashier's checks and business checks.  If a credit or debit card is being used and the amount of the charge exceeds $2,000, a card fee of 3% will be imposed.  
4. How do I get my title for the trailer I purchased?  White Spruce Trailers will collect all the information necessary to process the title, registration and plates on your behalf.
5. Can I get permanent registration on my trailer?  If you reside in an eligible city in Alaska (see the current list from State of Alaska DMV), you can get a permanent registration on any trailer.  The state fee for this option is $25.
6.  How do I determine the payload capacity of my trailer?  Payload Capacity =  Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - Trailer Empty Weight.   Reference the vin sticker on your trailer for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).
7. What does the NATM sticker on your trailers mean?  Unlike the auto industry, trailer manufacturing DOES NOT have standard regulations.  Therefore, the NATM (National Associated of Trailer Manufacturer's) was created to ensure that participating manufacturer's have the processes in place to build trailers in accordance with federal regulations and to verify that the trailer's comply with all safety regulations.  While not all manufacturer's are a part of this program, White Spruce is dedicated to providing the highest quality trailers, therefore, we only supply trailers from manufacturer's that are part of the Compliance Verification Program of NATM.  By seeing the NATM sticker on a trailer, it will signify to you that the trailer manufacturing process has been verified to comply with federal safety regulations. 
See a video for more information on this here
8. Do I need brakes on both axles?  Each state has its own regulations as to whether it is required or not.  White Spruce Trailer's top concern is providing a safe trailer to our customers so while it is not necessary we have made it a requirement for all tandem axle trailers we sell to be equipped with brakes on all wheels.
9. I don't see the trailer I want in your inventory.  Can I order a custom trailer?  Yes.  Please contact a sales representative to go over what your needs are.
10.  Do you offer a warranty on your trailers?  Every new trailer will have a manufacturer's warranty.  If a problem arises, White Spruce Trailers will perform the repair and even complete any paperwork necessary to process the warranty.  If you have traveled outside of the state, we will find the closest repair shop to help you with your repairs and process the warranty paperwork on your behalf.  

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